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CTE Successes

Skills USA 2023 student recipients.

Auburn High School was named a Skills USA 2023 Models of Excellence Recipient!

Read what current and former students have to say about CTE.

Through CTE, I learned how to interact with coworkers and my boss and how to manage my time and money effectively. I have become better at communicating and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

-Jillian Breland

Auburn High School Class of 2022

Picture of Jill Breland, class of 2022
SUSCC Fame Graduation 2023

Congratulations to the members of the 2023 F.A.M.E. graduating class which features two former Auburn City School students! Mo Pendelton (front row far left) and 2021 AHS alumni Ian Farr (3rd from right).




My high school internship helped solidify my interest in medicine. I was able to focus on a degree in medicine early on in college without any doubts. It helped me become the physician I always wanted to be!

-Stephanie Arana Patrick, DO, PCP

Health Science Internship Student, Auburn High School Class of 2009

Picture of Stephanie Patrick, class of 2009

CTE Stats


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